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Travelling with Dogs

Travelling with Dogs

Dogs are our family members and we love to take them with us wherever we go. However many people assume that it‘s difficult to travel with dogs. Without careful preparation, you may be putting your furry child in danger. What can you do to ensure that your furry child has a safe journey?

For large dogs, a special seat belt that you snap to your dog harness is recommended. This helps to keep your dog safe and comfortable in the back of your car. Small and medium-sized dogs enjoy more in dog car seats. All those measures prevent your dog from getting and injuries due to sudden car movement while enjoying travel with maximum comfort. For maximum protection, a combination of the dog car seat with a seat belt is recommended.

Below are some of the solutions for maximum comfort while traveling with your furry child.







Smaller size dogs sometimes have difficulties with car rides. They aren’t able to comfortably look out the window, and the motion of the car can be quite dangerous. This is the reason why dog car seat is so helpful. It  comfortable holds your pets when traveling around and mesh panels keeps your pet cool and comfortable.


This Dog Car Seat  has a strong solid design, reliable frame maintains its form and is sturdy. Also it’s stylish, easy to install, and foldable for efficient storage. Has variety of different color options. On top of that, cover is easily removed and washed.





HIGH QUALITY: Our Dog Car Seat is made from high-quality waterproof oxford clothing with a breathable...

MULTI-FUNCTIONYou can use it as a Car Seat Cover, Dog Booster Seat, or Dog Back Seat Cover. It's very...

DURABLE: After being out and the dog backs to the back seat with dew and dust, you don’t have to clean the car. Just wash...

PORTABLE: It can be folded up in a small size, easy to bring with you and your dog everywhere you go...




Letting your dog roam around the car while you are driving is unsafe and very distracting. A dog vehicle harness keeps your furry kid secure and you can use it either with your dog‘s collar or with a harness you already have.


This Dog Car Seat Belt is suitable for all dogs, small and large. They’re adjustable up to 32 inches and allow your beloved dog to get comfortable, either sitting or lying down. The harness is also easy to snap-on and off and has a quick release function for problem-free use. The harnesses are made of durable nylon fabric that’s guaranteed to never break. It’s designed to work with all standard seat belts, and a seat belt leash is recommended to be used alongside the harness. Rest assured that your dog will be safe with this harness, while you keep your eyes on the road.





HIGH QUALITY: This Seat Belt is made of high quality nylon fabric to ensure safety.

ADJUSTABLE: It is fully adjustable. It can be lengthened or shortened according to the size of your dog.

COMPATIBLE: The universal seat belt is designed to fit with most vehicles.

EASY TO USE: Easy to snap and un-latch to car's seat belt buckle - Ideal accessory, 




We all know that usually dogs like to move around in a car and distracting you while you drive, but he could also be thrown from the car in the event of an accident.  One of the best options is a dog car harness. Harnesses are great for safety and security on the road. It secures your dog into the seat while giving them the freedom to move around and be free.




Headset restrain is durable, adjustable, and tangle-proof, making them the perfect choice. It‘s mane from sturdiest and strongest nylon fabric which ensures safety. Solid zinc alloy swivel snap guarantee extra durability. Also it is multi-function and can be used not only as a car seat but also also as leash.








If you are going to keep your dog in the back seat during the trip you need to think about investing in a car seat cover. It can protect your leather or upholstered seats from hair, scratches or soggy and soiled your dog.


This Dog Car Seat Cover helps you to keep your car clean when taking your dog whenever you go. It works as a bench seat cover, including sides and as a hammock style cover. The front part of the hammock covers the backs of your front seats and they will not get dirty. Also it is a barrier to keep your dog out of your lap while you are driving.


The cover is manufactured with a built-in non-slip backing. It will stay in place even if your dog likes to do sprints and forth between the windows and front seats. The fabric is waterproof and machine-washable.





DURABLE & 100% WATERPROOF MATERIALS: It is made by 600 D oxford with TPU coating, with hot-pressing technology...

ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY ANTI-SLIP PARTICLES: Different from other dog seat covers for back seats, this one uses unique plastic spraying anti-slip particles rather than a normal plastic...

UPGRADE MESH WINDOW: Dog seat cover with mesh visual window means you can check the pet’s...

EASY-TO-INSTALL: You just need several minutes to...



The best thing is to share adventures with your dog. You don‘t need to have all of the above to have a nice road trip with your furry child. Just a little bit of planning to ensure a safe, happy, and stress-free trip.

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