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6 Simple Steps for Getting Your Dog Comfortable with a Dog Hair Dryer

6 Simple Steps for Getting Your Dog Comfortable with a Dog Hair Dryer

We can all agree that bath time is no fun for most dogs and one of the most daunting tasks is drying your dog. While this small appliance may seem completely harmless to us humans, it is possible that your dog feels stressed or even frightened in the presence of a hair dryer if it hasn’t been properly introduced.

It is important to make sure that your dog is comfortable while drying. With patience, the right tools, your dog can become comfortable with a dog dryer—making bathing and grooming easier for both you and your dog. 



We would like to share professional groomers and dog owner who groom their dog at home suggestions how to speed up the grooming process using the dog hair dryer.


Leave your hair dryer on the floor. Do not touch it or move it. Every time your dog approaches it to have a sniff or investigate what it is – give them a reward. This helps them to understand that this thing on a floor is a good thing.


Take the dryer in your hands and wait until your dog comes to you and has a sniff. Reward any positive behavior towards the dryer!

STEP 3 (introducing the dog hair dryer)

If you have a dryer with a brush head (like our 2 in 1 Dog Brush & Grooming Dryer) place it gently on the dog’s chest. Recommendation is always so start towards the dog from underneath them rather than over the top, because this can appear threatening at times. Don’t turn the hair dryer on at this stage. Allow the dog to get used to the feeling. Don’t move through it too quickly, and stay really positive. Reward any positive behavior from the dog to convince him that it is a good thing to stay where they are.


Now slowly move the dog hair dryer through different areas of the body. Don’t forget to reward your dog every time you move to a new area.


Now it is time to turn on the dog dryer. Keep on a low setting without touching the dog. Reward so they know the sound is nothing to be scared of. Dogs hear so much better than we do. What is loud to us is almost intolerable to them. Go very very slowly.


If you dog is comfortable with a sound, place it gently on the dog’s chest. Then slowly move through the different areas of the body. Don’t forget to reward your dog every time you move to a new area.

You can also consider placing cotton balls in the ears or using ear protection equipment that’s made specifically for dogs. Be sure not to push the cotton balls into the ear canal, and remember to remove them after grooming.


Following these steps your dog will slowly get used to the sound and the feeling of the brush.  Always remember the importance of recognizing your dog’s good behavior and awarding it appropriately. You must never force your dog to live through an experience that is stressful, scary or threatening to them. Invest in positive reinforcement to stimulate your dog’s cognitive, emotional and social abilities, as well as reinforcing your bond with your best friend.

You should notice that little by little, your dog will start to create a positive relationship with the hair dryer. The more accustomed your dog becomes with the hair dryer, the more it will associate it with a time of relaxation and affection.


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