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LED Dog Collar

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LED Dog Collar

Are you looking for a product to make your dog more visible when you walk at night?

Our Dog LED collar can help to light up your dog to make sure passersby are alerted to their presence and can also help prevent an unfortunate and heartbreaking accident if your dog were to escape or break free from their leash.


MULTIPLE MODES: Dog LED has different lighting modes you can choose by depending on your preferences. You can set the LED light to flash slowly, flash quickly, or be constantly on.

This one is designed to bright enough to help make sure vehicles can see your dog, preventing an unfortunate accident from occurring

PORTABLE: It is lightweight, comfortable to wear, and easy to remove.

ADJUSTABLE: Each size of the Dog LED collar can be adjusted with a buckle.

USB OR BUTTON BATTERY: You can choose LED collar with USB cord or button battery.

RECHARGEABLE: The battery of the LED lights is rechargeable using a USB cord. When the battery is fully charged, it will stay lit for up to five hours. Recharging the battery will take about one hour.

FLASH MODES: You need just simply push the control button, that makes the light slow flashing, quick flashing, or stable on.

COLOURS: There are 5 different colors: red, yellow, blue, green, and pink. You can choose a product that looks like it will be a good fit for your dog‘s personality while keeping them nicely illuminated for others to see.

SIZE: The Dog LED collar suitable for small breed, medium breed, and large breed. You should measure the distance around your dog‘s neck to ensure it fits perfectly for your dog.







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